WAVE would like to express our thanks to our patrons for all the support they give to our organisation.

  • “As society continues to make the transformation from longstanding conflict to peaceful democracy, the needs of victims and survivors must be taken seriously. The WAVE Trauma Centre has a proven track record in this regard. By offering a range of support services to those directly affected by ‘The Troubles’, the organisation is able to make a small, yet significant contribution to their wellbeing.” James Nesbitt
    James Nesbitt
  • “What we call ‘The Troubles’ has left in its wake a widespread scene of dislocated lives and a deep reservoir of loneliness, suffering and grief. The survivors have often borne this with great courage and faith.” The Very Reverend John Dunlop
    The Very Reverend John Dunlop
  • “I support the activities of WAVE because of the important work which it does for the families of the disappeared.” Cardinal Sean Brady
    Cardinal Sean Brady
  • “Those who carry in their minds and bodies the hurt of our dark past must never be forgotten. The WAVE Trauma Centre plays a vital role and is worthy of our full support.” Lord Robin Eames
    Lord Robin Eames

Patrons also inclue John Daly, Samantha Leslie, Rev E TI Mawhinney and Helen Bamber OBE.