wave projects

Since its inception, WAVE has run numerous projects, each based around a particular theme. These projects have brought together WAVE members from all backgrounds, each person with their own story to tell through their participation in the programme.

Including everything from photography and paintings to sculpture and essays, these pages allow you to sample some of the touching and thought-provoking results from their work.

  • Unheard Voices

    Unheard Voices

    The Centre for Media Research from the University of Ulster in partnership with the WAVE Trauma Centre has created Unheard Voices, a film made up of a collection of six powerful short stories of those who have lost someone or who have been injured permanently as a result of the Northern Ireland Conflict.


  • WAVE's Got Talent

    WAVE's Got Talent

    A celebration of the many talents of WAVE’s client base, showcasing an impressive line-up of talented musicians, singers and dancers of all ages.


  • Don't You Forget About Me

    Don't You Forget About Me

    This storytelling project revolved around the creation of a stained glass window containing nineteen individual panes which were designed and created by the families and friends of the victims.


  • Glass of Peace

    Glass of Peace

    This Stain Glass project was a Belfast Centre based storytelling initiative which focused on the stories of individual male clients from the greater Belfast area.


  • Project 2000

    Project 2000

    Project 2000 was WAVE Youth's first formal attempt at using art to capture the experiences of young people and children bereaved or traumatised as a result of the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland.


  • Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras

    The WAVE Trauma Centre over a number of years held an annual Mardi Gras event each August in the grounds of our Belfast centre.


  • In My Shoes

    In My Shoes

    This creative WAVE project launched in 2006 gave nine WAVE clients an opportunity to come together and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment.


  • More In My Shoes

    More In My Shoes

    This project was an extension of the original ‘In My Shoes’ project due to its popularity and strength of its emotional impact.


  • Stepping Stones

    Stepping Stones

    This creative project was undertaken by the Womens’ Group in Belfast.


  • Armagh - A Shared Heritage

    Armagh - A Shared Heritage

    In this Armagh based project, the WAVE clients explored the theme of inclusiveness by focusing on the heritage which we all have in common.


  • Stitch by Stitch, Piece by Piece

    Stitch by Stitch, Piece by Piece

    This Armagh based creative project centred around the creation of a beautiful Memorial Quilt.


  • Quilt of Remembrance

    Quilt of Remembrance

    WAVE participants produced a “Quilt of Remembrance”: It tells a special story, starting in the 1960s, displaying significant events during the ‘Troubles’ and closing with the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement in 1998.


  • Helen Bamber Remembered at WAVE

    Helen Bamber Remembered at WAVE

    Sandra Peake CEO of the WAVE Trauma Centre Northern Ireland largest cross community victims support group has paid tribute to Helen Bamber the human rights campaigner who died aged 89.


  • Info on VSS Injured or Bereaved Grant

    Info on VSS Injured or Bereaved Grant

    Are you receiving an Injured or Bereaved grant from the Victims and Survivors Service? If you are, but find that what you need is not on the list of eligible items or services that you can spend the grant on, then Annette would like to hear from you.