wave campaign work

Being a diverse, cross community regional charity the WAVE Trauma Centre has always sought to provide a voice for local victims and survivor issues against a background of competing causes and budget cuts.

At present, WAVE orchestrates and lends its full support to two very important campaigns – the Families of the Disappeared and the Injured Campaign.

  • Families of the Disappeared

    Families of the Disappeared

    Throughout the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland many individuals have been killed and many families and communities have struggled with the aftermath. One area which has been particularly difficult is the issue of 'The Disappeared'. Abducted, murdered and secretly buried, their families have struggled with the pain and trauma of bereavement in addition to the agony of not knowing where their loved one are buried and why and how they were taken. In addition, the community has often been silent concerning these cases, with an underlying fear of the consequences of speaking out.


  • The Injured Campaign, 'Recognition For All'

    The Injured Campaign, 'Recognition For All'

    Whilst the needs of injured people are diverse and many, and the ‘Recognition for All’ campaign does not claim to represent everyone who has been injured, we know that many of us need a wide range of services.

    We want to assert our collective right to justice in the shape of appropriate financial recognition for injuries suffered by us during the years of conflict.