'Weeping Window' at Ulster Museum

14th October 2017

A group from WAVE visited the Ulster Museum to see the 'Weeping Window' being assembled. It was a very poignant visit as the group heard about the background to the 'Weeping Window' which consists of thousands of ceramic poppies cascading down which recognises loss in World War 1. The painstaking assembly of the scupture by hand and its symbolism of loss was very powerful. Family losses in WorldWar 1 were shared by members of the delegation. Thank you to Kim Mawhinney and all at NMNI for inviting the group to preview and learn more in advance of the opening today. We hope to attend some of the events running through November which include -

➢ Signs of the Times – symbols seminar with speakers including Glenn Patterson, Philip Orr, Joe Austin and Sophie Long
➢ War Beyond Words – lecture by Professor Jay Winter, Yale University
➢ Cuimnhe/Memory – bilingual performance by Aisling Ghear