Continued WAVE success as Professional Citizen Trainers at QUB

17th May 2016

This joint educative initiative between the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen’s University Belfast and WAVE was established to better inform nursing and midwifery students of the skills, knowledge and context required in working with those who have experienced trauma directly or indirectly as a result of the Northern Ireland conflict.These 16 WAVE clients who were either bereaved, severely injured or psychologically injured undertook one hour tutorials with students to emphasize the long-term impact of the Troubles on health and well-being. 

Delivery of this teaching by WAVE forms part of the final phase of first year teaching in the Health and Wellbeing module. This module addresses the context of health, but also the psychological, social, health education and public health dimensions of nursing and midwifery and the context of care.

Module Coordinator, John Power spoke about the importance of the interaction between students and those who have suffered most during the Troubles.  He reflected after the tutorials;

“As module co-ordinator I'm sure I can speak for my co-coordinator Mrs Johanna McMullan, in that we consider the sessions is to be of intrinsic value in the student’s social education as professional nurses. The citizen trainers had unique styles of presentation and delivery and I could see the degree to which the students were engaged with this from the range of questions that they posed. Informal feedback from students suggests the important and very relevant degree of learning and understanding which will help to significantly inform their practice when dealing with patients and relatives directly or indirectly affected by the years of unrest here in Northern Ireland".

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