Contributing to education

21st November 2017

Alex Bunting was a key contributor this week at the Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Nursing Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Chester.
The theme of the conference was challenges and innovations: orthopaedics and trauma across the life span. Alex spoke about his journey of being injured in 1991 and the many challenges he and his family faced at the time and in the subsequent years given the ongoing impact of his injuries. He received a standing... ovation.
The story that many of you may be interested in, is how Alex came to be a keynote speaker in Chester. Alex is part of WAVE’s citizenship educators who contribute to nursing and social work programmes. Alex was contributing to a tutorial group in Queen’s University last year when he was paired with one of the lecturers Sonya Clarke. Alex and Sonya had met before. Sonya, a nurse had met Alex in Musgrave Park when he was injured over two decades ago. This was the first time they had met, since those early days for Alex in Musgrave.
There are many, many benefits of the WAVE citizenship education programmes. Our warm congratulations to Alex on contributing to such an important conference in England. Many thanks to Sonya Clarke for all her work.