Delegation from the Parliament in Iraq visit WAVE

3rd January 2018

On Thursday 21st December 2017 WAVE welcomed a delegation from Iraq, who were keen to hear about the legislation and implementation of the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains. 

The Ceasefire Centre, together with the Institute for International Law and Human Rights, has been undertaking a process of advising the Human Rights Committee of the Iraqi Parliament on the drafting of new legislation on enforced disappearances. The group, which consisted of MPs and legal advisers, spent the afternoon at the Centre meeting with Geoff Knupfer learning about ICLVR, WAVE’s work with the families and the experience of Anne Morgan in the search for her brother Seamus.

The visiting delegation consisted of:

· Dr. Habeeb Al-Torfy (Member of Parliament and Deputy Chair of the Human Rights Committee

· Ms. Liqaa Wardi (Member of Parliament)

· Mr. Ali Omar Fattah (Legal Advisor to the Human Rights Committee)

· Mr. Najim Alkhaphaji (Baghdad Director, Institute for International Law and Human Rights)

· Ms. Miriam Puttick, (Head of Middle East and North Africa Programmes

· Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights