Disappeared Families Welcome Brendan Megraw Developments

22nd August 2014

The Families of the Disappeared at the WAVE Trauma Centre have welcomed news that after a gap of four years work is to recommence in the search for the remains of Brendan Megraw who was abducted, murdered and secretly buried by the IRA in a bog at Oristown Co Meath in 1978.

News that a survey of land at the bog that has not been previously examined will be started next week came as a documentary team from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation arrived in Ireland to work on a programme about the Disappeared of Northern Ireland’s Troubles.

ABC producer, Bronwen Reed, journalist Lisa Millar and cameraman David Martin met families of the Disappeared at the WAVE Trauma Centre today(Friday) where Sean and Kieran Megraw, Brendan’s brothers, briefed the families on developments at Oristown.

CEO of WAVE Sandra Peake who has worked with the families of the Disappeared since 1995 said:

“The news that work is to start again in the search for Brendan is very encouraging. In many ways all those who share this terrible common bond of having a loved one horrifically taken from them and secretly buried are like one family.

The support they give each other is immensely important and those families who are now are able to visit a grave know what it will mean to those still waiting.

The fact that there is a documentary team from Australia talking to the families and telling their stories to an audience at the other side of the world shows that this is a humanitarian story of global significance.

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that there is someone in Australia who left Ireland many years ago who knows something about the Disappeared.

The families appeal for help to end their suffering knows no boundaries”.