In memory of Father Gerry Reynolds

30th November 2015

Ms Peake said: 'Father Gerry was a good friend to WAVE over the years. He was quietly supportive of the work and was particularly close to the Families of the Disappeared. He will be missed by everyone who had the privilege to know him".

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Speaking on behalf of the Families of the Disappeared Kieran Megraw said: 'We are saddened to hear of the death of Father Gerry. He was a great friend and support to the families and was with us only a few weeks ago to lead prayers at the All Souls Silent Walk at Stormont as he had done for a number of years.

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He rejoiced that the bodies of Kevin McKee and Seamus Wright had been recovered during the summer and prayed for the return of the remaining four Disappeared. May he rest in peace'.
Alan McBride of WAVE spoke of his sadness at the loss of a friend.
He said: "Father Gerry Reynolds was a humble man whose commitment to building peace and reconciliation was unrivalled on this island. If there was ever an embodiment of the concept of 'blessed are the peacemakers' it was Father Gerry'.

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