Survivors - Episode 3

23rd January 2018

WAVE TraumaCentre CEO, Sandra Peake had the pleasure of discussing the BBC NorthernIreland ‘Survivors’ Programme with Kenneth McClatchey and Cathy McCann.

Kenneth reflectedthat he was very pleased to be included in the programme and noted ‘Manyvictims and survivors have been forgotten.  Taking part in Survivors wasimportant to me, as it gave a voice to what happened to my mum’. 

Cathy McCannnoted;

‘My father waskilled at the beginning of the 'Troubles' in August 1969.  As a family wewent through all the grieving processes that a death brings. We also had todeal with all the then other unknown impact that comes with a death in the public eye. My father was shot by the B Specials, the state police force.

Twenty one years later I was caught upin a 1000lb IRA bomb explosion. This killed 3 policemen and my work colleague,Sister Catherine Dunne. I was fortunate to survive this with relatively littlelong term physical injuries. The cuts, the bruises and dislocated shoulderhealed over time. However, the emotional trauma, invisible to the eye, issomething that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I hope that myparticipation in the program shows that to be a 'survivor' of the troublesdoesn't necessarily mean that physical injuries are the only indicators. I haveto deal daily with the emotional impact of my experience and the guilt of beingthe only survivor of the explosion. My legacy (and to a great extent myfamily's) of surviving this atrocity is having to cope for the rest of ourlives with the emotional scars that have been left, scars that will neverheal’

Please feel free to contact your local WAVE trauma centre if you have been affected by the programme this evening and the issues raised.