Search ended for Joe Lynskey

1st December 2015

Maria Lynskey the neice of Joe Lynskey,one of the Disappeared, who was murdered by the IRA and secretly buried in 1972 has said that while she is bitterly disappointed that the remains of her uncle have not been found she is indebted to all those involved in the search.

Maria Lynskey was speaking after the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims‘ Remains (ICLVR) confirmed that the search of the six hectare (15 acre) site in Coghalstown Co Meath which started almost a year ago has ended without the remains of Joe Lynskey being found.

Maria said:“This year I had hope when before there was nothing and I’m grateful for that”.

She went on to pay tribute to everyone who worked on the search.

“I visited the site several times and saw how dedicated  the search teams were and how hard they worked especially when the conditions were bad.

Of course I’m disappointed that Joe is not coming home to be laid to rest with his parents but I know that the ICLVR did absolutely everything they could to find him”.

Maria said that she wanted to acknowledge whoever it was who gave information to the ICLVR which led to the search.

“I believe that whoever gave the information that brought us all to Coghalstown acted in good faith.

But Joe hasn’t been found and what we need now is more information.

There is  more than one person in that area who could help us find Joe and I would appeal to them to please tell us what you know”.