Mark Kelly on BBC Radio Talkback

21st April 2016

Whilst many acknowledge the progress made since the Good Friday Agreement of April 1998, many are also disaffected by the lack of progress on the difficult issues arising out of the Troubles.

Recommendations in the Bloomfield Report, Eames Bradley, Haass/O’ Sullivan and Stormont House, for victims and survivors have not been acted upon and consequently the bereaved,the injured and the traumatised remain hugely frustrated that so many promises made on finding a comprehensive and inclusive way of dealing with the legacy of the past have not been delivered.

For example one practical measure that our politicians could deliver, if the will is there, is a special pension for those severely injured.

Mark’s question was:  

“The so called ‘Fresh Start’ was nothing of the kind for victims and survivors.

If elected what assurances – not promises – can you and your parties give us that these outstanding issues will at last be addressed?”

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