Press statement on the Hallett review

18th July 2014


The WAVE Trauma Centre has welcomed the Report of the Hallett Review into the ‘On The Runs Administrative scheme published today (Thursday 17 July).

Speaking following publication Professor Jean Orr, Chair of the WAVE Trauma Centre, said:

It is very important that an issue which has caused pain and distress to victims and survivors has been thoroughly examined and Lady Justice Hallett is to be commended for doing so with rigour and sensitivity.

We are very much aware of the impact of the Downey case particularly on the families of the Hyde Park victims and our thoughts are with them today.

There is no doubt that in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Downey case and since then talk of ‘people getting away with murder’ and ‘get out of jail free cards’ caused great anxiety and hurt to those Lady Justice Hallett has said “have suffered enough”.

We note that while the scheme and its implementation was flawed suspected terrorists were not handed ‘a get out of jail free card’ and it did not amount to an amnesty”.

The Rev Dr David Clements, a member of the Board of WAVE and whose RUCR father was murdered in 1985 also welcomed the report.

“Above all politics is about people. The OTRs are people and they have families. Their issues should be dealt with in a fair and transparent manner.

However in doing so all concerned must give full consideration to the families whose loved ones can never return home from the grave”.

He continued:

“It is not for WAVE to take a particular view on the politics of all this.

We are concerned to support those who have suffered most directly through the Troubles.

I welcome that fact that the report has shed considerable light on what was a complex, convoluted and at times murky process”.

Professor Orr concluded:

“Lady Justice Hallett says that: ‘No one should use my findings to make political capital. Those whose lives have been devastated by terrorism deserve better. They have suffered enough’.

We agree with that.

This episode like so many others reveals once again the need to find a comprehensive, inclusive and sensitive way to deal with Northern Ireland’s past.

Victims and survivors are regularly told that the needs of victims are at the centre of all efforts to move forward.

Politicians need to get around the table and prove it”.


Click here for a copy of the Hallett report