6th May 2017

Anne Morgan, sister of Seamus Ruddy has said that the family is delighted that remains have been found by the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims‘ Remains (ICLVR) at the site the team have been searching since Tuesday(2 May). 

The family will await the formal identification process.

Anne was speaking from the forest in Pont-de-l’Arche near Rouen in northern France where the ICLVR team uncovered the remains early on Saturday morning.

She went on to say:

We just want to take Seamus home and give him a Christian burial with his parents Molly and John.

We would like to thank the ICLVR and the forensic team.

And we are very grateful to the French authorities for their role in facilitating the search. 

We would especially like to thank those who gave the vital information which has helped to find him. 

We have waited a long time and prayed for the day that he could be given a Christian burial in Newry. 

But while we have received the news that we have longed for for so many years we are conscious that there are others still waiting and our thoughts are also with the families of Columba McVeigh, Joe Lynskey and Robert Nairac. 

We urge anyone who can provide information on these cases to please come forward to ICLVR”

Sandra Peake, the CEO of the WAVE Trauma Centre which has supported the families of the Disappeared since 1995 said:

“Everyone at WAVE is so pleased that the Ruddy family have at last received the call that they have waited so long to hear.

And no one will be more pleased for them than the other Families of the Disappeared. 

Some know the elation of being told that the remains of their loved one has been found and others know the continuing anguish of still having to wait.

But they are absolutely united in mutual support.

The success of the ICLVR is remarkable by any standards but above all it shows that it is possible to find a way that works to deal with legacy issues even one as difficult and complex as that of the Disappeared”.

Anyone with information on the Disappeared can contact the ICLVR in complete confidence on 00800 555 85500, by writing to ICLVR, PO Box 10827, Dublin 2. or via the website”.