2nd May 2017

Speaking from her home in Newry, Anne Morgan, the sister of Seamus Ruddy said:

“Seamus disappeared almost exactly 32 years ago on 9 May 1985.
All we can do is what we have been doing over these long years since which is to pray that one day he’ll be found.
Hopefully that day will come as a result of this search.
All we want is to bring Seamus home to Monk’s Hill to be buried with our mother and father”.

Anne went on to express the familiy’s gratitude for the support they have received from other Families of the Disappeared and from the WAVE Trauma Centre.

WAVE has supported the Families of the Disappeared since 1995.

The CEO Sandra Peake said:

“Every time a search starts there are mixed emotions. Hope and anxiety come together. But the family knows that everyone in the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims‘ Remains (ICLVR) will do their utmost to bring the search to a successful conclusion.
The family also knows that they have the thoughts and prayers of the other Families of the Disappeared with them and that is a huge source of strength”.

In 2015 the ICLVR recovered the remains of Seamus Wright and Kevin McKee from a reclaimed bog area in Coghalstown Co Meath and the year before Brendan Megraw’s body was found in Oristown also in Co Meath.

In addition to Seamus Ruddy, three other Disappeared have yet to be found: Columba McVeigh, Joe Lynskey and Robert Nairac.

Anyone with information on the Disappeared can contact the ICLVR in complete confidence on 00800 555 85500,  by writing to ICLVR, PO Box 10827, Dublin 2. or via the website”.