Stories from Silence Launch tonight

18th May 2016

Stories from Silence is a series of short podcast interviews with people reflecting on how their lives have been changed by the loss of a family member during the Troubles.  The interviews to be launched are with people who lost a parent or parents.  None are well known – Stories from Silence is about the voices of those who have not been heard in public before. 

All give moving testimony to the power of love, the longevity of grief.  They include Isadore Whyte whose mother was blown up and killed by loyalists and whose father could not live long without her,  Stella Robinson whose parents were killed in the IRA’s Enniskillen bomb,  Joe Campbell whose policeman father was shot by loyalists with the collusion of the RUC,  Edward Brady whose father was killed by the British Army and whose Protestant mother was then banished by republicans, and Anthony Bridgewater whose mother was pregnant with him when his father was killed by one of the IRA’s Birmingham bombs.

One of Ireland’s greatest poets, Michael Longley, will read at the launch, and one of our best loved singer songwriters, Tommy Sands willalso perform.  

Author and journalist Susan McKay conducted and edited the interviews.  

“These brief recordings give a moving sense of the enormous loss that haunts the lives of those bereaved in the Northern Ireland conflict,” she said.  “The poet Phillip Larkin wrote, “What will survive of us is love”.  We are profoundly grateful to those who were willing to share their stories. Their courage and resilience shines through.”  

Portraits of the interviewees were taken by the well known Belfast photographer Kevin Cooper, while the editorial assistant was the talented John Hyland.  

Project leader Alan McBride from WAVE said, “Victims and survivors are told by politicians almost on a daily basis that their needs must be at the centre of any attempt to take us forward. But the reality is that they have seen precious little acknowledgement or recognition of what happened to them and the effect it had. These powerful testimonies literally give victims and survivors a voice to reaffirm their humanity

Previous phases of Stories from Silence can be heard on

Stories from Silence

Stories from Silence

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