Students from Luther College, Iowa visit the WAVE Derry Londonderry Centre

26th January 2018

 The reason for the trip was to examine the difficult yet inspiring Northern Ireland peace process through the lives of its participants. Exploring the challenges and potential of grassroots peace-building, with special attention to issues of identity, culture, and memory as challenges and the principles of forgiveness, mercy, justice, and peace as potential.

Britt Rhodes (Professor of Social Work) shared with staff after the presentation;

“The staff really inspired the students with the work they are doing with individuals, families and communities. Although the group consists of students from a variety of majors, there are quite a few social work and nursing majors. The students were very moved by the experience, although we had heard a few personal stories at Theatre of Witness, Majella’s story was quite powerful. Many of the students also watched the BBC NI three part programme ‘Survivors’ and had the chance to hear more of Majella’s story and the other participants testimonies."

Our special thanks to Majella for speaking to the students whilst they were visiting the centre.