Queens Summer Break and Masterclass with Dr Robert Ehrenreich

18th May 2017

BSc Hons Psychological Trauma Studies – Our students have recently submitted the final piece of work for the second year of their four year degree programme. Students can relax now and enjoy the summer break before we begin third year in September 2017!!!

Over the last year these students have completed modules in Trauma and Addiction and International Responses to Trauma.  The academic year started with students learning about and engaging in critical debate on themes such as methods and substances used to ameliorate symptoms of trauma, breaking the cycle of addiction and the impact of addiction on families.  The final semester focussed on broadening students perspectives from the Northern Ireland Conflict to examining the responses to International Conflicts around the world.  Students were supported and encouraged to examine themes such as the role of International Institutions in conflict intervention, Diplomacy and the Use of Sanctions as well as Humanitarian Intervention and the Politics of Aid.  Students can relax now and enjoy the summer break.

Time of the Year for External Examination…  As we approach summer we welcome back Dr Robert Ehrenreich to Queen’s University as the External Examiner to the BSc Hons Psychological Trauma Studies.  As Director of University Programs Division (UPD), in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, this is Robert’s second year with the programme and we value his knowledge, advice and support with the modules in the Degree.  Robert delivered an excellent Masterclass last June on the theme of Oral History and Dealing with the Past and we look forward to hearing from him again in June!

Photo: Dr Robert Ehrenreich, Prof Jean Orr, Paul Gallager and Peter Heathwood