5th January 2018

SURVIVORS - a new three-part documentary series in which survivors of the Troubles tell their own stories, in their own words – begins on Tuesday 9th January 2018 at 10.40pm on BBC One Northern Ireland.

The documentary was made by Belfast-based production company DoubleBand Films in a co-production with Chistera Productions,and produced in collaboration with WAVE. 

SURVIVORS features the personal stories of people who have been injured during the 'troubles', and those have been bereaved as a result of the conflict. They through their own personal testimonies, convey their memory of their lives before their loss, recount what happened that day,remember the aftermath, and reflect on their lives since that tragic moment.

The overall aim of the project is for survivors of the 'troubles' to be given the unique opportunity to tell their own stories. Through their first hand accounts, we will hear how ordinary lives were destroyed and damaged forever, and their stories will remind us of the human cost of the 'troubles'.

Our thanks to Moore Sinnerton who produced and directed Survivors and to his colleagues in DoubleBand Films in this co-production with Chistera Productions and of course to the BBC for commissioning the Survivorsseries.