The New WAVE Youth Service

25th April 2014

About the Service

Based in Ballymoney, the New Wave Youth Service works with young people aged between 5-25 years who have been become socially isolated due to bereavement, injury or trauma, as a result of the ‘Troubles’.

Alongside our Group and Personal Development Programmes, we also provide a variety of services from information and advice, to one-to-one guidance and support.

Within our centre we aim to provide a stress-free safe environment, where our young people are at the centre of everything, and they all contribute to the Personal Development and Group Programmes that are provided within the WAVE Centre.

Through our Cross Community Projects, Summer Schemes, Residentials, Employability and Personal Development Programmes, and our Group Outings, our young people have been able to get to know each other, support each other, and develop positive friendships!

Group Programmes April – June

Hands of My Friend – Stop Hate Crime

This Programme will be facilitated by Tutors from Ballymoney Community Resource Centre. The Overall programme aims to:

  • Educate our young people about Prejudice
  • Explore Prejudice stereotyping and discrimination
  • Raise Awareness of hate crime and its impact on Victims
  • Promote the use of the Hands off My Friend App for Young People

Health and Wellbeing Programmme

This Programme will be facilitated by Vera Graham who works for the Northern Health Trust. She will be providing a Programme which aims to promote positive strategies for our young people in relation to dealing with their Emotional Wellbeing.

Upcoming Youth Events

EU Day of Solidarity between Generations

April 29th is the European Day of Solidarity between Generations. This one day event will bring together our young people from WAVE Trauma Centre with the local Community based group Good Morning Ballymena, which is a Community Group that provides a service for older and vulnerable people by supporting them to remain independent in their homes.

Our Group event entitled;Favourite Dishes Past and Present will provide both WAVE Youth and members from Good Morning Ballymena the opportunity to choose and cook a dish that was significant for them in their childhood, and explain why the dish was so special for them in their lives in relation to memories associated with the dish.

Food is often one of the traditional experiences that help bind generations together, and this event will be one which will achieve this outcome but also develop new friendships, it will also encourage mutual respect, help eliminate age related stereotypes, assist collective learning and provide fun through cooking traditional and modern dishes promoting a greater understanding and respect between generations.

Community Cohesion Youth Project

As part of this Youth Project there will be an Easter Scheme taking place, and this will be facilitated for our 7-11year olds. This scheme will give our young people the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities with other local Youth and Community Groups, and will consist of an Easter – Egg Travaganza, Sport and Teambuilding Workshops, Drumming Workshops, Arts and Crafts Workshops, and Circus Skills!

Youth Cross – Border Exchange Training Programme 16+

This 16+ Youth Exchange Programme will give our young People the opportunity to link in with a Youth Group from Wexford. The overall main aim of this Training programme is to enhance our young people’s Personal and Social development.

By fully participating in this exchange programme our young people will have the opportunity to meet new people, develop positive friendships, share interests, and exchange ideas and views with their peers.

This Programme will promote team working through a variety of joint activities, exploring areas such as perceptions of identity, Inclusion, and Diversity.

Need to find out more or need to speak to a member of our team feel free to contact us.