Visit from Masters in Terrorism & Political Violence students

30th May 2017

On 6 May 2017, staff and students from the Masters in Terrorism & Political Violence programme at University of St Andrews, Scotland visited WAVE.  

Through conversations and presentations over the course of the afternoon, they heard from WAVE Training Co-ordinator Marie-Therese O’Hagan and service users Alex Bunting MBE and Peter Heathwood about some of their experiences during the conflict, the support that WAVE gives to survivors of the conflict, and how the current political deadlock in Northern Ireland continues to affect survivors and their quality of life.  

University of St Andrews Lecturer, Kieran McConaghy said ‘Our visit to WAVE was extremely worthwhile.  The team we met there gave us great insight into the personal impact of the Northern Ireland conflict and we came away with a new perspective. Too often studies of conflict leave out the experience of real people, and that can be a very dangerous thing both for understanding the history of a place, and for those making policy post-conflict. Teaching students about the work of groups like WAVE and their counterparts in other countries is vitally important. Above all, our students learned of the fantastic support and advocacy work that WAVE do and were extremely grateful for the generosity and openness that they were shown’.