Welfare News - VSS Injured or Bereaved Grant

29th July 2015

Are you receiving an Injured or Bereaved grant from the Victims and Survivors Service?  If you are, but find that what you need is not on the list of eligible items or services that you can spend the grant on, then Annette would like to hear from you.  VSS are running a pilot scheme, under which they will consider requests to spend the grants on other items or services to meet your individual and most pressing needs. If you feel that this applies to you, please contact Annette Tel: 028 37511599. 

Were you injured in the Troubles but find that you cannot access assistance under the Injured Scheme as you don’t get the middle or high rate care component of DLA? 


Or do you receive some help but it’s not enough to help you with pain relief?

If any of the above applies to you, Annette wold be interested in hearing from you with details of the help you need and why.  Tel: 02837511599