WAVE releases latest Research Study on Transgenerational Trauma

8th May 2014

This is a study of transgenerational trauma (how trauma is transmitted across generations) and its implications for dealing with the past in Northern Ireland. Please click here to read a full version of the Study or refer to the 'Documents' section on this page.

The objectives of the study were to:

  • Review the relevant literature on the phenomena of inter and transgenerational trauma.
  • Record and archive personal experiences of a small group of individuals, who as children experienced bereavement of a close family member because of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. 
  • Examine the physical, emotional and psychological effects of trauma and bereavement on families and identify the coping mechanisms used by these individuals and their families. 

This report argues that an appropriate balance needs to be struck between putting resources and emphasis into education about the consequences of trauma, injury and bereavement and heavy investment into psychological interventions aimed at treating transgenerational trauma as a specific psychological phenomenon within an individual. This study argues for further research to develop a consensus on a wider definition of trauma and to include transgenerational aspects within such a definition.

This study was officially launched in March 2014. 

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Project 2000

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