why we need your support...

Get involved! Get fundraising!


Ideas on how you can help us:

Organise an Event

  • Event – sponsored walk etc
  • Outdoor Challenge Event – Trek, Run, Cycle, Challenges
  • Fundraise at your School/College/University
  • Fundraise at your place of Work

Set up a Fundraising page

Online Giving

There are a number of ways you can raise money for us online through JustGiving. It is very quick and free to set up so you can start collecting money now. Once you have created your page, you can copy the link and send it to all your friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Request a donation as a gift

Use your celebrations to fundraise for us.Are you getting married? Do you have a significant birthday or anniversary coming up? Why not use the occasion to raise money? Helping others is a great way to celebrate. You could create a special celebration fundraising page on our JustGiving site.

Shop and buy WAVE Merchandise

WAVE has a range of branded merchandise for sale to help us to raise essential funds.  Impress your friends and family with our WAVE wristbands, loop key rings, pens, picture key rings and cotton shopping bags. Please contact the fundraising team on 028 9077 9922 for further details or complete our Enquiry form below.

Get in Touch

We would love to hear from you if you’re fundraising for us or would like to - drop us an email and get in touch! WAVE has a number of fundraising events throughout the year and we would welcome your support.

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