why we need your support...

The WAVE Trauma Centre heavily relies on donations to fund our vital work. Nothing we do would be possible without the support and generosity of people like you.

We are currently fundraising for our Belfast Marathon 2018 appeal.

Please see our 'Just Giving' page below.  The funds raised from this appeal will be used to support service provision for those affected by the Troubles.


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Benefits that your support can bring include:

Each year on average WAVE receives 450 new referrals across the organisation relating to people of all ages and backgrounds. In 2015 -16, WAVE received over 700 new referrals from the ages of 7 to 83 years of age. We want to ensure that they all have access to the specialist care, support and training that we provide. We know that with your help we can keep this promise. Above is a picture of a recent fundraiser when WAVE did 'Strictly Come Dancing' in April 2016. 

Over 25 years WAVE has learnt a lot about the continuing effects of bereavement, injury or trauma through or as a result of the civil unrest in Northern Ireland.

We aim to help those affected by understanding and providing support in order to address their unique emotional, physical and practical needs. With your help the WAVE Trauma Centre can continue to provide health and wellbeing services and social support to all who need it. 

Please help us, donate or get involved today.

“I don’t know what it means to ‘be over it’, I don’t think you ever really get over it but you learn to live with it” 
WAVE Womens' Group member
“When I first came to WAVE I would hardly leave the house. Now, I can’t wait to get out to things like the WAVE Choir. It’s great craic, I never laughed so much” WAVE Choir member
“I would have taken my own life if I didn’t get help but coming to WAVE has saved me” WAVE Injured Group member
“For many individuals in Northern Ireland the relationship between traumatic events and their psychological consequences has been, and continues to be, a real lived experience for all too many. For many of these individuals this is a hidden cost that has not gone away”
Troubled Consequences': A report on the mental health impact of the civil conflict in Northern Ireland, March 2013.

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