youth support services

WAVE’s Youth service is offered to all young people between the ages of five and twenty-five who have been affected by the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Activities are offered on a cross-community basis, in keeping with the ethos of the organisation. WAVE’s youth service is delivered in the Belfast and Ballymoney centre.

  • Programmes


    WAVE runs various programmes for young people of all ages using art and design, drama, storytelling, music production, filmmaking, sports and personal development activities. These programmes allow young people to build relationships with others who have been through similar experiences.


  • Befriending


    Group work isn’t for everyone and WAVE runs a bespoke befriending service tailored to the needs of individuals. Young people can benefit from mentoring, life coaching, personal development opportunities, increased self-confidence, skills development and support as they learn to live with their trauma.


  • Training


    WAVE wants to invest in young people and offers vocational, accredited training opportunities for over 16s to enhance their CVs and improve employability. WAVE also runs STAR; a trauma education programme at different levels for young people and for care professionals.